Health Samachar Fri, 01 Jan 2021 13:49:35 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Health Samachar 32 32 A BRIDE-TO-BE SHOULD FOLLOW THIS PRE-WEDDING DIET PLAN Mon, 07 May 2018 08:02:42 +0000 As this is known that wedding season is almost here, and many of you are getting married. I know this is a time to get conscious about your weight on your D day as the bride-to-be should pay attention to her weight to look fit. The wedding date is about to arrive and I am sure you will be running for purchasing clothes, jewelry, sandals and many other things. One more thing on which you should focus is your diet. In order to look slim and fit, you should follow a proper diet plan.

diet for women pre wedding
The first and foremost thing to look slim in your marriage is sleeping on time. Remember, sleep is a must. Many experts have confirmed that taking proper sleep is good start for losing weight easily. Also, it helps to manage stress levels and stabilizes the hunger hormones.

Take the mentioned diet as per your wedding date and you will surely look gorgeous on your D day.

6 Months Before The D Day
Morning: green tea with some soaked almonds
Breakfast: Idli sambhar or white part of egg with fresh fruit juice or oats with veggies
Snack: chickpea salad, sprout salad or peanut salad
Lunch: Dal with rice or chapatti, sabzi, curd
Dinner: fruit salad or handful of makhanas or nuts or have a roti with sabzi and salad

3 Months Before The Wedding
Morning: Green tea with one banana or soaked almond
Breakfast: Idli sambhar or Poha, whole wheat toast with egg whites
Snack: Fruit salad or lettuce salad
Lunch: Dal, roti, sabzi or rice
Dinner: Chickpea salad, boiled egg or vegetable salad

1 Month Before The Wedding
Morning: One banana or apple or green tea
Breakfast: 2 boiled egg with vegetable and fruit salad or banana smoothie with almonds
Snack: Hummus or peanut salad with vegetable croutons
Lunch: Dal, roti or rice, sabzi
Dinner: Handful of nuts or buttermilk (chaach)

10 Days Before The Day
Morning: Green tea
Breakfast: spinach or vegetable smoothie
Snack: 2 boiled eggs
Lunch: Dal, sabzi, rice or chapatti
Dinner: one big glass of buttermilk

Some Other Important Tips
You need to workout at least one hour every day.
Drink 4 to 6 liters of water in a day.
Avoid consuming alcohol as it can lead to eye puffiness.
Remember to eat your dinner before 8 PM
Last but not the least, don’t forget to be happy! 🙂

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How to Subside the Side Effects of Chemotherapy Sun, 15 Jan 2017 16:01:27 +0000 Being diagnosed with cancer is one of the most turbulent times of one’s life. Your life goes upside-down and you involuntary start playing a role of a victim and dollops of uncalled pity and sympathy comes your way. However your courage and valor helps to fight against odds. But brutal cancer must have left you but it makes your body frail and weak. No amount of whining and complaining will make your situation better. You witness nausea, fatigue and hair loss and it steals away your identity and hits your self esteem. No need to fret as there are simple tips that help you get rid of the ill effects of cancer. Don’t expect magic overnight as patience and strong will power will help you to combat the side effects of cancer.

Side Effects of Chemotherapy
While chemotherapy kills the cancer cells, it damages the normal cells and this causes side effects. Most side effects are fleeting in nature and can be managed. Some of the common side effects of cancer are impaired immune system, fatigue, excessive bleeding, nerve pain, dry mouth, oral swelling, poor appetite, weight loss, nausea, diarrhea, vomiting and hair loss.
How to triumphantly combat the aftereffects of cancer
It is advised to have a healthy diet along with regular exercise to preserve your energy levels.
Simple Tips to Cope with the Side- Effects Of Chemotherapy
Nausea is a feeling of unease and sickness. Ginger, be it any form of ( ginger tea, ginger candy or raw ginger) helps stop nausea. Ginger help calm and soothe your stomach and you don’t feel nauseous.
Baking Soda
Many people wrestle with mouth sores. A baking soda rinse can help cleanse and relieve mouth sores. Gargle ½ teaspoon baking soda, ½ teaspoon of salt and 8 ounces of water.
A strong and sturdy immune system keeps the adverse effects of chemo at bay. Probiotic provides the body good bacteria that supports immune health and prevents illness. Daily intake of probiotic supplements or eats foods like yogurt, kimchi and sauerkraut can assuage the side effects of chemo.
There is a flawed notion that resting fights fatigue. However, exercise reduces fatigue, but you need to spread your activities throughout the day with frequent breaks. Abstain from lying down immediately after eating. This will help you avoid nausea and vomiting. It is appropriate to use satin bed sheets as it prevents pulling and losing of hair.

Frequent Meals 
Instead of eating three big meals eat small frequent meals. Drink 8-10 glasses of liquid daily to manage diarrhea.
These are some simple tips to cope with the side effects of chemotherapy. As every person’s body reacts uniquely to the treatment make sure you continuously consult your doctor to subside the dire consequences of chemotherapy.

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9 Symptoms of Pregnancy Sun, 15 Jan 2017 15:46:08 +0000 Finding out that you are pregnant can be an amazing feeling or a terrified revelation. Your partner may be on a rollercoaster ride as it is the most delightful and merry feeling for the parent to be. You want to share the euphoric news with the world. But many people play it safe and share the news only when it is confirmed. They wait until the first scan at around 12 weeks before sharing the fantastic news. Make sure you avoid alcohol as it impairs the development of baby and may also lead to miscarriage.

Early signs of pregnancy

Early signs of pregnancy

Nausea or sickness
The most common symptom of pregnancy is morning sickness. It might be nausea or vomiting and can happen at any time of the day or night. This will start when you are around six weeks pregnant.
You may experience headaches in the early stages of pregnancy. This is due to sudden spurt in hormones as it adjusts to being pregnant.
Food cravings or aversions 
You may develop cravings for certain foods or might be put off by certain foods from a very early stage of pregnancy.
One of the most common sign of pregnancy is that you may feel tired or drained out. You may feel too exhausted to keep up with the everyday activities. Even at this early stage of pregnancy- within two weeks of conception- your baby starts using your calories which can eliminate your energy stores.
It may be common that you may be more constipated during early stages of pregnancy. It is due to chemical progesterone acting on your bowel making you sluggish and relaxed. It is of paramount importance to have a healthy diet throughout pregnancy.
Mood Changes
Mood swings during pregnancy is caused by physical stresses, fatigue, changes in your metabolism or by the hormones estrogen and progesterone. Significant changes in your hormones levels can affect your level of neurotransmitters which are brain chemicals that regulate mood.
Frequent Urination
If you find yourself unable to sleep through the night without a trip to the loo, and then it may be a sign. During pregnancy body produces extra fluids, which leads to your bladder working overtime and you may be taking frequent pee breaks.
Dizziness or fainting
This is the most pronounced symptom. Low blood sugar or blood pressure can cause fainting or dizziness. It is the most common cause of woozy episodes. Make sure you eat enough and stay hydrated.
Late Period
The most common clue is missed periods. If your cycle is fairly regular and you are late, you should head to the drugstore.

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6 Tricks to Grow Beard Quickly Sat, 14 Jan 2017 16:00:10 +0000 Gone are the days when men used to radiate charisma and aura with clean shaved look but now a full grown beard represents masculinity and a feeling of self pride. Burly beard and handsome moustaches might be a perfect look but some men find it harder to grow beard. Beard growth is generally determined by genetic factors but there are certain practices and tricks that can be performed to grow beard faster.

tips to growth beard
If you are in a rush to grow beard faster then try these tricks

Cleanse your skin
Wash your face with lukewarm water using a mild cleanser at least twice a day. Clean and clear skin promotes hair growth. Use a moisturizer with eucalyptus as its main ingredient. Massage it on your face to accelerate growth of facial hair. Exfoliate your skin at least once a week as that removes dead skin thereby stimulating facial hair growth. Make sure you buy an exfoliating scrub especially for men to ensure your skin feels rejuvenated. Amla oil can also be applied on the skin to increase facial hair. Massage amla oil and leave for 15-20 minutes. Rinse with cold water and then clean the skin.
Incorporate a rich and balanced diet
Avoid junk food and sugary delicacies as it can wreck havoc on your beard hair and skin. Fill your palate with chicken, fish, some beans, peanut butter or anything that has ample amount of protein. As these foods repairs skin tissues and keeps your skin healthy thus allowing for better hair growth. Eat plenty of fruits and veggies to provide several vitamins and minerals to grow hair quickly.
Sleep well
When we sleep our bodies use the downtime to rejuvenate our cells especially skin cells. Get a goodnight sleep to speed up beard growth.
Manage Stress
Stress can hinder the growth of hair. So next time when you encounter a stressful event step back and relax. Opt for any exercise to relieve stress. Exercise increases the blood circulation thereby promoting facial hair growth.
Be Patient and Calm
Growing hair is not like a fairy tale story as you move a magical wand and all your troubles are vanished. It takes a lot of perseverance and patience to grow facial hair. Keep your expectations real. You will begin to see growth in few days and most men will go through an itchy phase by the end of week.
Leave the beard alone
Defy the urge to trim or shape your beard. If you want your hair to grow rapidly then leave it alone for some time. Shun the notion that shaving promotes hair growth as shaving actually reduces the amount of hair on your face and it does not stimulate hair growth.

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5 Tips for Women to Stay Healthy and Fit Sun, 01 Jan 2017 05:17:39 +0000 Women play varied roles with compassion and empathy. They are the breadwinners, housewives, mothers and family heads. But while juggling between so many roles they seldom take care of their health. Their health and fitness takes a back seat while they grinningly obey the orders of their family or boss. Due to this they are the victim of obesity and poor fitness regime.

fitness tips for women

Tips for Women to Stay Healthy and Fit

Be Happy- An age old adage “Laughter is the best medicine” and it is 100 percent true. Giggling and chuckling releases happy hormones that eliminates wicked stress hormones cortisol. So watch comedy videos or join a laughter club. Besides, laughter is a good workout option to tone the face muscles.

Hydrate yourself- Water is considered to be a magical potion hence it is advised to drink plenty of water for proper functioning of body. Drink water at regular intervals so that you don’t dehydrate.

Have a huge repository of healthy snacks- Many people have a habit of snacking throughout the day. But make sure you munch healthy food. So stock up all the healthy snacks to stave off from lifestyle diseases.

Start your day with a hearty breakfast- Breakfast is touted to be the most important meal of the day. It can make or mar your day. If you don’t eat a wholesome breakfast then you may feel zapped and exhausted. You may also have the tendency to overeat in the later part of the day. So eat a good breakfast. In the morning most of us are in a jiffy to attend office or school so you can opt for fruit, nut, peanut butter sandwich, milk cornflakes, low fat milk and breakfast smoothie etc to stay rejuvenated.

Stick to your exercise schedule but we flexible- A lot of people suffer from the notion that we exercise only to lose weight but it is not completely true as regular exercise has myriad advantages. Regular exercise helps sharpen focus, enhances self esteem, accelerates productivity, wards off depression or stress, gives ravishing skin, reduces the chances of stroke, aids in digestion etc. You can join yoga classes, dance classes, go for brisk walking or running. But make sure that you don’t skip exercising but be flexible as you can exercise either in the morning or evening depending upon your convenience.

Never focus on reducing the numbers on the scale as you will end up gaining weight. Your central goal should be to stay healthy and to lead a fit life.

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Simple Health Tips to Transform Skinny Body to a Healthy body Fri, 23 Dec 2016 17:01:33 +0000 How to put on weight is equally difficult as losing weight. There are plenty of people who are willing to add flesh to their skinny structure. When it comes to gaining weight it requires the same kind of perseverance and dedication as is needed to lose weight. Gaining healthy weight is a gradual process but there are some simple remedies that can accelerate the process of putting kilos to your skinny and bonny structure.
tips to weight gain quickly

Tips to gain weight in 7 days

Sandwich Bread
The mouth watering sandwich spreads is not only a delight for the taste buds but they also add extra kilos. Spread those toppings on your bread. It’s a high source of calorie and you can further add meat or fish to make your sandwich rich and nutritious. Replace your white bread with whole wheat or oat bran breads. These breads are more nutritious and wholesome than your normal white breads. You can add cream, cheese, peanut butter, jam, and honey on these breads to add extra flavor and flab on your body.
Drink nutritional beverages in your diet
Introduce nutritional beverages in your daily diet regime. Drink protein shakes, juices or whole milk into your diet and abstain from drinking aerated drinks. Drink only hand made fresh juices and stay at a distance from packed fruit juices, flavored coffee drinks, sweetened teas and colas as they have high sugar content and preservatives.
Fruits and Vegetables
Include dense fruits in your diet instead of watery fruits. Opt for bananas, apples, pears and pineapples. Shun watery vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, green beans or cucumbers. Introduce starchy vegetables like potatoes, corn, carrots and beets in your diet.
Double your food intake
Although this might sound simple but it is an herculean task. If you were eating three meals then you must double your quantity and at least eat 6 times.
Include more dairy products
Milk is the most commonly consumed beverage during morning and adds some nutrition to your morning meal. A glass full of milk with some added chocolate flavor can be a treat for your taste buds and at the same time can help you gain some extra calories.
Don’t Stop Exercising
Many people suffer from the myth that we need to stop exercising to put off extra kilos but this notion is wrong. In order eat more calories than you burn and you must follow a muscle building regime. Follow some weight gain exercises like twists, curls, squats, dips etc. Abstain from running as it lead to weight loss. Stay at a distance from such activity.

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4 Health Tips to Savor Winters Sat, 17 Dec 2016 15:55:43 +0000 Winter is the coldest and the most beautiful season of the year. It is the time of the year where people gorge on gastronomic delight, curl up in bed with their favorite book, enjoy holidaying with family and sip hot coffee and tea. But this biting and deceptive weather can take a toll on your health. You may experience running nose, cough, cold and throat pain. But there is no need to fret and whine as there are quick tips that can help you to sail triumphantly through the nippy weather.

Tips to Savor Winters

Regular Exercise- With gloomy days and cold weather one often falls prey to the temptation of staying indoor but exercise is prerequisite during this time of the year. Regular exercise releases feel good endorphin which boosts your mood thereby keeps the winter blues at bay. You can call your friends to go for a morning or evening stroll of 30 minutes, join a gym, go for yoga or zumba dance classes. Get into the daily exercise regime to ward off the ill effects of winters.

Eat Healthy to stay in an Upbeat Mood- A lot of people end up in gaining weight in winters. Eating healthy in winters is challenging as holidays are round the corner and people tend to nibble unhealthy food. Another reason for unhealthy munching in winters is that there is less exposure to sun which leads to a drop in serotonin thereby increasing the signs of depression and irresistible food craving. It is advised to eat whole grains and high quality carbs such as sweet potatoes, yams, pumpkins. Fruits and vegetables rich in antioxidants and vitamin C such as citrus fruits, cabbage, broccoli and spinach have immunity boosting power. To combat infections you should increase your intake of zinc which is found in fish, eggs, milk and cereals.

Get Adequate Sleep- With nippy and chilly winds it is quiet tempting to snuggle up under the covers and sleep. Nothing is more restorative then getting a “good” sleep every night. Sound sleep averts depression, curbs craving to eat junk, banish extra amount of stress hormone cortisol and burns calories. It is advisable to get seven to eight hours sleep. As lack of sleep makes you more vulnerable to fall sick.

Drink plenty of water- In winters people overlook the importance of staying hydrated. Getting enough water is as important in fall as it is in the summers. Dry and chilly weather can leave your skin cracked and flaky but water promotes skin circulation bringing back the sheen and plump on your skin. Adequate water consumption ensures flake free and supple skin.

Stay Healthy and Rejoice the Winter Season.

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Tattoos Can Help to Treat Auto Immune Disease Sat, 24 Sep 2016 14:58:08 +0000 Tattoo is one of the fashion trends getting more popularity year by year. People love to make tattoos on their bodies. Now, there is good news for all tattoos lover that it contains substances which help in the treatment of the auto immune diseases like multiple sclerosis. It has been found in a study that tattoos contain antioxidants nana particles which help to fight against autoimmune disease.
Auto Immune disease Tattoos

The study conducted by Christine Beeton from Baylor College of Medicine in the US. According to which nanoparticle modified with polyethylene glycol are the target of the cell. Thus it is an advantage for the people suffering from multiple sclerosis.

Beeton said “Placed just under the skin, the carbon-based particles form a dark spot that fades over about one week as they are slowly released into the circulation,” B and T lymphocytes are the two components of the immune system. In multiple sclerosis which is an auto immune disease person T cell loses the ability to distinguish between invader and healthy cell and thus causes harm to both.

Beeton further “The ability to selectively inhibit one type of cell over others in the same environment may help doctors gain more control over autoimmune diseases,”.

If you are also a tattoo lover this news will be great for you so don’t stop liking towards tattoos, explore more on it will help to fight against auto immune diseases.

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India’s disappointing score on Health Index Fri, 23 Sep 2016 15:51:34 +0000 In a recent study conducted considering several heath factor India is ranked143 among 188 countries. However, we are above Pakistan and Bangladesh and below countries like Bhutan, Syria, and Srilanka. This low ranking is due to the air pollution and poor hygiene.
In New York during an event the first annual assessment of Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) health performance published in the Lancet and launched at a special event at the UN General Assembly said “Despite rapid economic growth, India was ranked 143rd, below Comoros and Ghana,”.
In different health aspects scores were given to each country to decide the rank. For malaria India scored 10 points and for hygiene score is eighteen. For mortality rate 39 points given for under-five children and 18 for maternal mortality. Highest point of India is 80 for Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTD). Iceland occupied highest position in the list followed by Singapore and then Sweden. UK rank fifth which is further followed by Finland, However, US scored 28the position much down in the list. In the bottom of the list Central African Republic, Somalia, and South Sudan were placed.

Health Index Score
Lim said “With more than 1,870 individual collaborators in 124 countries and three territories, our independent analysis identifies high and low-performing countries to help guide national policies and donor investments and provides a strong basis for monitoring progress towards the health-related SDGs for 188 countries over the next 15 years,”.
The author of SDG index prepared the list base on available data, estimates, and modelling. The study said that not any of the country met any of nine targets of complete eradication of diseases like tuberculosis and HIV, childhood overweight incidences and intimate partner violence.
The author said “A substantial change in the current trajectory of HIV and tuberculosis incidence will be needed-likely requiring major technological leaps coupled with universal delivery-to meet this target,”.
The SDGs are made with 17 universal goals, with 169 targets and 230 indicators to keep a check at the pressing problems like food and water security, poverty, and climate change up to 2030. It was made by United Nations in 2015.

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Early Introduction of Food reduces Allergy Risk Thu, 22 Sep 2016 17:12:14 +0000 Early introduction of allergenic food in infant reduces the risk of development of allergy to that particular food item it was reported on a research (systematic review and meta-analysis) conducted for the U.K. Food Standards Agency.
Early introduction of peanuts in infants has been diagnosed to lead no allergic development. The research was conducted in 4 – 11 month old infants. The trial conducted in twice among 1,550 children were the ratio found are risk ratio [RR] 0.29; 95% CI 0.11-0.74;
Food reduces Allergy Risk
Similarly trial were also performed for egg where the ratio is RR 0.56; 95% CI 0.36-0.87. The trail conducted five times 1,915 children. The finding are also Published in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

Robert J. Boyle, MD, PhD, of Imperial College London, and colleagues said “In an infant whose family usually consumes egg and peanut, we can be reasonably confident that delaying egg and peanut introduction increases the infant’s risk for allergy to those foods,” He added “As long as there is no eczema or other sign of food allergy, then it seems reasonable to introduce egg and peanut when other complementary (solid) foods are introduced to the infant diet,”

The examination with other food products like i.e., milk, egg, fish, shellfish, tree nuts, wheat, peanuts, and soy is also performed for infants under 1 year of age is examined with the risk of allergic and auto immune disease. These auto immune diseases include type 1 diabetes mellitus, celiac disease, inflammatory bowel disease, and juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. In systematic study it is found that the introduction of the allergic food is related to the allergy only not with the autoimmune disease.

Based on these figures Boyle said “The imprecise effect estimates, issues regarding indirectness, and inconclusive trial sequential analysis findings all need to be considered, together with a careful assessment of the safety and acceptability of early egg and peanut introduction in different populations,”.

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